What Is Tooth Whitening?

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Tooth whitening is a technique that allows you to easily and safely have a brighter, whiter smile. We offer two types of whitening, our in-office procedure and our take-home whitening kit.

How does it work?

With our in-office procedure, you will see results right away. It generally takes about two hours. We use a bleaching gel and a laser light. You are monitored during the procedure by one of our team members, who will apply the gel, isolating your gums and lips. The light and gel combination whiten your teeth immediately.

Our take-home kit includes custom-made trays and the bleaching gel solution. We take impressions of your teeth, and make you a custom bleaching tray similar to a clear retainer. You place the gel solution in the bleaching trays and wear the trays for 10-15 minute periods, a few times a week. You can bleach at home at your own convenience and as often as you want to get your desired results, a lot of patients wear the trays as they are getting ready on the morning, or as they are relaxing just before bed.

With either option, it is highly recommended to get a good, professional cleaning by our dental hygienist before starting the whitening. This ensures that you will get the best, most even results possible, since all the plaque and calculus will be removed from your teeth prior to the whitening.